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What Parents Shared About Their Goals and Strategies for Their Teen

strategies Apr 22, 2019

Parents with teenagers were invited to participate in a survey to share their experience and feedback on raising their teenage children.  Feedback was shared in the areas of what they wanted for their teenager, what they feared, and the strategies they use with their teenager to support their growth and success. This is an executive summary of the feedback they shared.

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Parenting teenagers is a hopeful, challenging, and high stakes responsibility.  Parents have a desire to see and support the growth of their teenager into a mature young man or woman, and to set them up for success in their next stage of life.  While parents bring their unique perspective and approach to parenting their teenage children, this survey brought to light some predominant themes related to the goals, strategies, fears, and resources for parents in this stage.  The feedback also indicated the potential benefits that a...

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