Starting Your Journey to Parent to Prosper

podcast Apr 22, 2019

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In this first podcast episode, I introduce myself and the Parent to Prosper podcast.

The objective of the episode is to stimulate beginning a journey to understand yourself at a deeper level, identifying more as a leader in your role as a parent, and to understand the higher level means to prosper as a parent.

The wedding picture with my two dads that helped to inspire this podcast

Key Takeaways in the Episode - 

  • Bias alert!!!  My daughter is sweet and talented!  Her first introduction of me and the podcast was truly a fun memory to create together, and I am so glad she got us started in the episode.
  • I have a lot of gratitude for my two moms.  They each taught me so much and inspired me in different ways, which I share to get my mindset in the perfect place for this episode .... and I hope it puts you in a good mental place as well.  (2:10)
  • I introduce myself and my family.  To sum it up on one sentence - I am a Christian, a Husband, a Father, and a that order.  I feel like I have some knowledge, skills, and experiences that can be of service to a community of parents and your kids, so I also get into that just a bit.  (5:36)
  • What does it mean to prosper?  I cover that here at a high level, but I will give you a teaser ...... it starts with having strong positive relationships with yourself and others.  (11:20)
  • I was well into my 30's before I realized how to prosper in my own life.  I share a little bit about my struggles in my early years of adulthood, and how my wife and some other important people in my life 'awakened' me.  In my story, I hope to pass along a bit of wisdom - that having people that love and challenge us in our lives really matters, that life is a journey and a long game, and that faith can play a pivotal role in the quality of our life.  (13:34)
  • Finally, I share a story about a man, Steward, who provided the key jolt of inspiration to start Parent to Prosper.  His story provides perspective we can all appreciate as parents, which I share to honor him and his legacy, and to hopefully stimulate and encourage being intentional in your growth and impact as a parent.  (15:28)

Links to People and Places Mentioned

Please note - the Parent Focus Assessment mentioned in the podcast episode is no longer available due to a web platform change - sorry!!



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